Tips for Readers

  • The 1st story, Not a Scaredy-Cat, is at the very bottom of the page, the 2nd story is above that one, and so on.

  • We never take any of the stories down, they are available a) by clicking the links that appear under where it says "Past Stories" on the right side of the page or b) by scrolling down the page.

  • If your want to hear us read the story (with a few sound effects) simply click on the icon.

  • Under "My Links" there will be fun animations, illustrations, side stories, etc. And for fun info on Spike, make sure you click on "View my complete profile" under his picture (top right)

  • Sometime there are links within the stories. Click them for additional photos, maps, sounds, or other surprises.

  • Our goal is to publish a new story ever week or two - but life get's hectic so no promises ;-)

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  • We'd love to have you or your kids participate, so if you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in the creation of this story (writing, drawing, whatever) just email us.